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Keep Bedroom Floors Safe with Area Rugs

Choose fabric covers to deliver beauty and safety to bedroom floors. There are different kinds of carpets that one can choose for home interiors. There are choices in materials, sizes, colors, designs and dimensions of these area rugs. Below are a few advantages of getting an area rug for your bedroom

Brings Warmth

Carpets help in granting warmth to bedroom floors. Cold surface can be irksome for people. You would definitely not like stepping on cold surfaces after getting up from sleep. Choose shaggy fabric cover made from cotton or wool render coziness here. Large carpets that cover the whole floor of an area will ensure comfort.

Protects Floor

Fabric covers even help to protect bedroom floors. Dust and dirt can be common in home interiors. To deliver spick and span look to home interiors, floor covering can be a great option. Choose modern and colorful carpets of thick pile to guard the flooring.

Prevents Creaking

Wood flooring is quite popular. Bedrooms can possess such kind of floor. As years go by, the floor may bear few cracks or gaps. This can lead to creaking noise because of sinking to the floor. One needs to repair it the floor in such an instance. But, for the time being, a carpet on the sinking surface can prevent the creaking noise when you step on it.

Keeps Wetness Away

Leaks and wetness can affect bedroom floors. For an instant solution, check the plumbing pipes and waterproofing. However, getting necessary repairs may take time. Until then, you can use discount wool area rugs to cover this area. Wool is a material that absorbs wetness. So, you can have a dry bedroom floor because of this accent.

So, you can have a safe floor cover in the form of carpet in the bedroom. Add a few decorative accents to make the area look beautiful.

Post by rugs (2013-04-26 09:02)

Tags: discount wool area rugs Shag rugs online

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Home Improvements Tips for the Living Room

Every room needs renovation at some point of time. The living room is an important part of a house. Here are few home improvement tricks for the front room

Change the Curtains

Drapes can give a refreshing look to the living room. Try out different curtains for this area. Bring roman or roller blinds for this space. Grant trendy look to this nook with bamboo blinds. Velvet and silk blinds can render royal appearance to the windows.

Paint the Walls

Choose bright shades for room walls this spring. Orange, yellow, peach, green, red and brown colors are beautiful options for living room walls. Glossy, enameled and polka dotted finish for these surfaces are popular choices in this space.

Get DIY Crafts

You need not always buy new accents for the living room. Make DIY crafts like toys, paper mache sculptures, utensil wind chime, recycled lamps and wall arts in this area. Use paintings made by kids and children as accents on tables and walls.

Some Ideas for Furniture

Eco friendly furniture made from jute, bamboo and logwood can give a fantastic appearance of the living room surroundings. Recycle old storage boxes into racks and shelves. Experiment with seagrass couches or grass beds and chairs.

Add a Centerpiece

Centerpieces like potpourri, flower vase, lamp and sculptures look great on coffee tables. You may even utilize natural materials like flowers, beautiful leaves and colorful pebbles as centerpieces for the living room area.

Get a Warm Floor Cover

Granting warmth to the living room floors is a nice home improvement tip.  Purchase contemporary rugs or any other area rugs as flooring covers. Colorful, shaggy, natural rugs are perfect to cover the living room floors.

So, with these tricks, you can revamp the living room this spring.

Post by rugs (2013-04-25 04:09)

Tags: Home Improvements Tips DIY Crafts Living Room decor

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Effective Floor Cover: Nylon or Wool Rugs?

You can choose different carpets for home flooring this year. There are many choice sin materials for the carpets. You may want to consider nylon or wool rugs for home floor.

Advantages of Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are best for people who are allergic to chemicals or synthetic fibers. This material does not cause allergy. It is also a good choice for high traffic areas. Some of the wool carpets can be washed by hands while others have to be machine washed. These are known among natural carpets. You can consider them for Eco friendly home flooring as well.

Positives of Nylon Rugs

Nylon rugs are synthetic carpets. They have to be put in dry cleaning. You should not use them in regions that are susceptible to dirt and dust. These carpets can be vacuumed easily. Nylon carpets are also long lasting. If you care for them well, they hardly shed. These carpets are also good for areas that face high traffic. So you may choose doormats and runners made from nylon.

Where can you use Wool Carpets?

Wool carpets can be used in any room. You can choose shaggy carpets made from wool for your kid’s play area or bedroom. Wool braided rugs can be nice for the living room and dining area. This material is excellent to soak leaks and hence carpets made from it can be chosen for kitchen and bath area. Wool carpets may also be fire retardant. You may accommodate them in the fireplace hearth region.

Where to Place Nylon Rugs?

Nylon carpets can be used as doormats. You may choose nice accent rugs of this kind for your home interiors. You may even use them for home outdoors like a garden, passageway and also gateways. You may even purchase nylon rugs for basement or other regions that may be susceptible to mold or other pests. The nylon material stays unaffected by pests and can therefore be chosen for such areas.


Post by rugs (2013-03-22 04:30)

Tags: Nylon Rugs Wool area rugs

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Natural and Chemical Free Rugs For Healthy Living

Studies and researchers have proved that unclean carpeting or rug is the prime cause for various health problems. Today, many rugs are made from unnatural materials such as petroleum-based products, chemicals and other toxic items.
Off late, there is a great demand for natural rugs, as these are good for the health as well as our environment. In ancient times, the rugs were created from leather or were woven from silk and wool. Even today, these are quite sought after and popular types of rugs. 

Silk and Wool Rugs:
Oriental rugs apart from beautiful are highly reliable too. When buying an oriental rug whether antique or new, ensure that the dyes used are plant-based, natural, and not synthetic. Natural dyes are eco-friendly as well as provide a sophisticated as well as soft touch to the rug.

Greek Flokati Rugs:
Shag wool and Flokati rugs are created from sustainable and natural wool, which has become a rage these days. In fact, the origination of Flokati rugs took place in the Greek mountains as well as has a cozy, soft and natural appeal.

Grass Rugs:
Sisal rugs, the most renowned natural rugs are created from the sisal fibers extruded from agave plants, which are then spun into smooth yet strong fibers. These types of carpets are highly durable as well as fire resistant. A popular type in this category known as sea grass rugs come from coastal regions in India and China. The grasses used here are extremely smooth providing excellent durability for placing at high traffic spaces.

Further, these rugs are resistive to stain and work fine in moist environments. The natural and mid toned shades are apt neutral backdrops for several home décor styles. Rugs created from mountain grass also called as hemp are derived extensively from northern Pacific areas as well as very durable and hard. As these fibers are tough, these are not advisable when your intention of having a carpet is comfort. The dark shades are welcoming as well as warm.          

Bamboo Rugs:
Bamboo is a widely popular option when it comes to natural rugs. Though bamboo is in use since centuries, bamboo rugs have become a rage among people today, as these are highly eco-friendly options. These are durable, affordable as well as sustainable. The natural lines are apt for modern home decors.

Natural rugs are available in various forms and textures. These can tough or soft, natural or colorful. A common thing among all is that the styles are in trend since centuries and are time-tested for health and environment. Thus, you can rely on chemical free and natural rugs for a healthy living.

Post by rugs (2013-03-05 09:00)

Tags: Natural and Chemical Free Rugs

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Vacuuming Oriental rugs

Vacuum often. Don't hold back until the carpet is really filthy when you clean it. Particles and grime are extremely bad for Oriental carpets as well as rugs and rugs. Vacuum your personal area rug at least per week or maybe more frequently related to required. Thoroughly clean both front and back attributes.

Vacuum everywhere. Be sure to vacuum for the actual heap each forward as well as in reverse.

Vacuum using the pile. Vacuum-cleaning with all the pile prevents dust and dirt from determining farther towards the rug.

Vacuum against the pile. Vacuuming within the pile styling brushes fluffs and raises the particular heap.

Hand cleans the sides only. Frequently straighten the specific fringes along with your fingers. The specific fringes inside your Oriental designer area rug could be delicate along with a vacuum might draw all of them track of the particular suck and every fray along with weaken their very own attachment for that rug itself.

Stay away from a vacuum utilizing a beater bar. Utilize a canister kind vacuum only. Stay away from vacuuming utilizing a vacuum which uses the actual rotating clear. Beater bars take time and effort on oriental rugs and could fray supplies with time.

Vacuum under many times yearly. Switch the specific area rug more than as well as vacuum the location rug in the bottom to get rid of particles and dirt stuck seriously within the include.


Post by rugs (2012-11-14 10:16)

Tags: Vacuuming Oriental rugs

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Eliminating Wine Stains from Your Rug

Your favorite rug only agreed to be stained along with red wine whilst holding a cocktail party. What should you do? Possibly it's not very the correct time for you to clean it track of all the visitors still at your house. Well, let's say you comfortably turned everything around and have become the professional?

A whitened cloth, or even kitchen bath towels and water and you're simply ready to go. Indeed, that is all that you should save your rug when you hands it to a specialist rug solution. It can be incredible what numbers of gadgets are sold inside a bottle or even recipes receive as a tip to get rid of a dark wine stain. The consumer follows the advice simply to further harm their particular rug with the addition of another chemical substance for the blend. Do remember, a place rug made from organic wool, manmade fiber or viscose isn't a wall to wall carpet. Based upon the type as well as origin, they're made using synthetic or natural materials as well as dyes. They're valuable as well as anything apart from water to thin down the wine may settle the actual stain additional in the rug materials.

Way to Eliminate Wine Stains from Your Rug

Merely remove the extra wine through gently dabbing the actual white fabric or kitchen area towel straight over the spot. Do not stroke the area and ensure you keep utilizing a clean area of the cloth or perhaps a new document towel in order to soak up the surplus wine. After that, add a small amount of water towards the similar spot as well as repeat your own dabbing with thoroughly clean cloth till you have removed the actual water again. Your work is a dilution procedure for different chemicals within the wines. If colors run (more dark colors hemorrhage into lighter in weight areas) because of addition of water, don’t get worried, it may be effortlessly fixed. Simply dilute your wine stain and take away the excess water without rubbing the region. The next phase is to make contact with a specialist area rug cleaner to complete the rest.

Post by rugs (2012-11-01 07:41)

Tags: Rugs Eliminating Wine Stains from Your Rug

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Method to Remove Tea or Coffee from your rugs and carpets

It is essential to complete when you drip tea or coffee from your carpets or even rugs is to behave fast and never leave it for an additional day. The actual quicker a person act the higher success.

As well as please do not plunge for the kitchen area cupboard and obtain out among those leading manufacturers of carpet cleansing spot removers or even stain removal that you could buy with your nearby high street store (You know those I mean), they could be a waste of cash and you might danger bleaching the actual fibers.

A great way is in order to quickly take in the area having a kitchen hand towel or a thoroughly clean cloth. After that using a thoroughly clean sponge simply sponge the region with thoroughly clean water.

When the spot still appears to of occur or is a classic stain a vinegar as well as water s­olution might help to take it off. First of all Blend 1 mug of white vinegar with Two cups water (1: 2 percentages).

Don't wash or obtain the area in order to wet simply gently cloth or sponge, then wash and shake and carry on until just about all brown (Tanin) color has been eliminated.


Post by rugs (2012-10-30 07:40)

Tags: rugs

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Steps to make your own Rug Spotless along with Homemade Solutions

Cleaning the rug at home is difficult, but it is not possible. You should commit at least each day for cleaning as well as need a highly effective solution to obtain a spotless rug. Primarily pets, wines and kids tend to be leading reason for unbearable carpet unsightly stains. Removing stubborn unsightly stains might be a terrible nightmare. Although, there are several cleansing solutions obtainable in to select from. They are pricey and want special here we are at shopping. You are able to prepare options in the home which have a similar capability which the ready-made options have. The actual interesting factor is that planning a home made solution is simple and easy, is prepared in an extremely inexpensive. They provide mild cleaning along with less anxiety about discoloration.

Home made carpet cleaner planning methods


A better solution is going to explain needs business. The rug cleaning solution may gently neat and deodorize the actual rug.

• ¼ cup white vinegar
• ¼ cup lemon-scented ammonia
• Hot water
• 4 teaspoons baking soda

Please take a big container to combine vinegar as well as ammonia together. Give a gallon associated with hot water in the combination and add some 4/3 teaspoons sodium bicarbonate. Slowly mix the mixture not less than 10 minutes or even until the combination gently combined. Fill the mix into the steam vapor cleaner and stick to the steam cleaning technique.

You will find various homemade methods to deep thoroughly clean rugs. The simplest way-

• 3-4 drops dish detergent
• 3 cups vinegar
• Water

Fill up the pot with water after which adds some white vinegar and soap to the pot. Carefully blend them as well as use the combination to your rug with regard to gentle cleansing. The cleansing method demands time and a large place to thoroughly clean the rug completely.

For quick cleansing which can be about cleaning just spots, you are able to apply the very first solution within the spot areas after which vacuum all of them. The very first option would be good for not just area rug and also floor tile cleaning. Utilize these methods to maintain cleanliness of your house as well as save a lot that you could make use of for additional essential function.


Post by rugs (2012-10-24 09:30)

Tags: rug cleaning

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Rugs to embellish Your Flooring

One of the greatest decisions you may make regarding your home’s décor is to select a rug that’s the best color.

Following developments can be challenging, however choosing something that’s only quickly trendy isn’t correct. At this time, awesome gold as well as green, silvers, mauves as well as grays are from fashion, whilst earthy tones like mild blue, khaki, suede as well as warm eco-friendly are still within. While light tan is seen as boring, it’s a color which fits due to its practical qualities.

There are a variety of things to think about when selecting the rug color. The huge choice facing consumers is sufficient to make your head spin, however you’ll need to pick one that suits along with your home. Here are a few ideas:

When the rugs are going to be stepped onto regularly, splatters, dirt as well as stains might happen regularly. Whilst lighter carpets and rugs are treated to face up to stains, more dark rugs tend to deal better.

Rugs may be used to either lighten or sculpt a room. With regard to darker areas, red is perfect, while lighter in weight colors for example sky azure might be an excellent option for lighter areas.

If the rug’s color matches your own personality, that may be useful. In the event that you’re a casual, calm kind of individual, then comfortable colors may work, whilst those that such as detail goes for azure, black, grey and whitened tones.

You might have an area rug which inserts in with your overall décor or get it as a room’s focus. You won’t would like it to clash with the other furnishings, as it might wreck your entire inside.

If you’re baffled, then select beige. It’s secure; goes with pretty much every design and also the best light tan rugs are long lasting and may deal with just about any every day wear.

Whether you have a color in mind, by visiting Contemporary Rugs at, you could discover the inspiration you’re searching for, with rugs of shades available.



Post by rugs (2012-10-10 08:00)

Tags: rugs

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Tips on how to clean stains on oriental rugs

Spot stain cleansing techniques

Mark any extra juice, espresso, milk or any other liquid that's evident at first glance from the rug having a clean Turkish hand towel. Apply membership soda around the stain in order to neutralize this. You may also make a solution through combining equivalent quantities of white wine vinegar and basic water as well as put it on within the area having a soft fabric. Simply pat the solution around the stained region with a gentle cloth or even paper napkin.

Steer clear of overly wetting the actual stained region or massaging it, because some kinds of oriental area rugs may bleed on connection with fluids. Additionally, constant wetting from the area rug may loosen its mechanical power and make it crack as well as break whenever rolled or even folded. Hair combs the rug heap in direction of the actual carpet even though it is somewhat wet, in order that it blends along with the rest of the rug. Let it air dried out or operate a hair clothes dryer at the smallest environment over the area rug.

Getting rid of food as well as pet pee stains

Meals spills as well as pet pee is an additional common supply of rug stains. Dog urine may cause considerable harm to the rug, resulting in the color to operate, lending a good offensive smell, attracting moths as well as damaging the dwelling from the carpet by reduction of its flexibility.

If you see any kind of solid materials deposited within the spill or even stain, for example food contaminants, dirt or even vomit, vacuum cleaner or obvious it aside with a gentle brush as well as dustpan or dirt cloth. Mark out just as much liquid as you possibly can with a document tissue or even having a thoroughly clean, white fabric. If there are extreme quantities of the actual liquid, wash it out whenever possible with document tissues. When the rug is little remove it on your lawn or even in the actual bathroom and wash the discolored area having a vinegar-water solution. Put together the solution through mixing equal degrees of vinegar as well as water as well as apply it within the stained region with a cloth or sponge. The vinegar-water answer prevents the shades of the Asian carpet from operating and also will reduce the effects of the unpleasant urine smell. Avoid flooding the whole area rug along with water, because it will need lengthier to dry out.

Thoroughly wash the solution in the rug and use a rug shampoo around the stained surface area. You may also make a homemade area rug hair shampoo by mixing equal degrees of vinegar, fluid dish washing soap and drinking water. Let the hair shampoo remain with regard to 15 minutes. Wash with drinking water and allow it to air dried out, or make use of a blow dryer regarding this.

Post by rugs (2012-10-03 08:32)

Tags: oriental rugs

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